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Gardening Whimsical Watch


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The Garden themed Whimsical Watch features all the tools you need to manicure your beautiful garden on a Spring day. Perfect for the gardening lover, serves as a pleasant reminder when it comes to gardening season.  Made by a team of artists and graphic designers using hand-crafted miniatures, Whimsical Watches are wearable works of art.

Whimsical Watches are made by a team of Artists and Graphic Designers using hand-crafted Miniatures. All Miniatures are specially placed under the domed crystal of the watch turning this fashionable watch into a wearable work of art. The case compliments a colorful face with inset easy-to-read analog dial. Whimsical Watches are Seiko time pieces with Quartz movements; comes with an Italian Leather Band and placed in a gift box with a limited one-year warranty. Handcrafted by Whimsical Watches in USA.

  • scratch resistant glass
  • water resistant case
  • deep mirrored display area
  • leather straps
  • Seiko timepiece with quartz movement