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Seed Keeper Organizer


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How Does Your Garden Grow?

Filled with easy-to-label envelopes, helpful tips, and endearing illustrations, this gardener’s companion gives green-thumbs a smart and beautiful way to store their growing collection of seeds.

Far superior to that shoebox stuffed with a decade’s worth of half-used, spill-prone seed packets, this attractive organizer allows you keep all your seeds contained in one place, making it easy to sow the appropriate crops year-round—spring, summer, fall, and winter. This slim seed holder makes organizing your seeds by season a cinch: Put early spring vegetables, flowers, and herbs up front, follow them by summer’s bounty, then fill the back pouches with cold-hardy autumn squashes and winter root vegetables.

This pretty planner includes pockets small and large, each with a front window so you can quickly identify your soon-to-sprout plants by name and the picture. The space allotted on each packet allows you to record important details—such as date purchased, date planted, and yearly weather conditions—and the back pages are printed with helpful harvesting information, planting tips by season, and illustrated how-to guides detailing how to reap and preserve seeds for the upcoming year.

Graced with charming illustrations, helpful hints, and spacious seed slips, this lovely seed keeper make for an ideal horticulturist’s helper, whether it falls into the hands of a budding gardener or an expert cultivator.